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Phalaenopsis Anthura Bolgheri

Anthura Bolgheri is a sea of fragrant flowers!


Anthura Bolgheri is the first of a line of fragrant phalaenopsis pot plants. This new pot plant with copper coloured flowers with a purple lip has an excellent shelf life. This sea of flowers appeals to one’s imagination, especially since this plant has 3 or sometimes even 4 spikes! 

 This plant is suitable for both the 9 cm as well as the 12 cm pot size. No other fragrant orchid has this many flowers combined with such a long shelf life! 

 Since Song dynasty, China had started to create its own perfume with different kinds of flowers. In ancient history people called it flower dew, and it was mainly used for medicatreatment. Afterwards, people developed perfume sachet, scented flowers have been dried and put in the exquisite bags and they were worn. The scent of this plant is the ultimate fragrance to put in a sachet. With the Phalaenopsis Bolgheri Anthura introduces the modern version of an ancient tradition! 

Anthura Bolgheri is a sea of fragrant flowers! 



Light and location

These plants do not like full, direct sunlight because they can burn. Place your orchid somewhere light though away from direct sunlight, such as near a window facing north. You can also shield the plant from the sun.


This orchid is a fairly easy-going, but very much likes to be dipped in water once a week. Simply put the pot into a container with a couple of inches of water. The orchid likes its root ball to stand in water for a short time, approx. 10 minutes. After dipping, you can let the water drain off.

Orchid fertilizer

Extra nutrition is very much appreciated by your orchid. Making all those flowers grow and bloom takes a lot of energy and this plant cannot do it all from sunlight and water alone. Add some orchid fertilizer to the water about twice a month. You can find it for sale in garden centres or florists.


This plant thrives best in most interior room temperatures, not too cold (less than 15°C) and not too hot (above 25°C).


If you prune the orchid after flowering (see the drawing on the right for how much you have to cut off), it will allow the plant to bloom several times.

Not suitable for consumption

The orchid is not a poisonous plant, but is certainly not suitable for consumption by humans or animals.