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A real work of art


The Anthurium Livium® is the first of a completely new generation of pot Anthuriums. This first natural striped pot Anthurium has red and white striped flowers, that are so special that it looks  is if a pinstripe with paint has been applied over the flowers. The natural outlines and patterns on the spadix are particularly beautiful and give it a really special appearance.  The look and feel of the plant is botanical and we therefore consider it to be real Anthurium Art.

Livium is a plant that flowers for a long time and produces new flowers over and over again. The plant is suitable for potsizes 14 and 17 cm.

All-in all we can state that Livium really has the X-factor! A real work of art.

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Care tips


Anthurium feels fine at a temperature between 20°C and 22°C. The minimum temperature for the plant is 16°C.


In the wild Anthurium grows in shadowy spots. The Anthurium needs to be placed in a light spot, but not in direct sunlight. If the plant’s position is too dark, it will produce fewer flowers. Apart from that, Anthurium is sensitive to draughts and should not be placed close to a radiator.


It is best to water your Anthurium moderately and regularly with some tepid water once or twice a week. The amount of water needed depends on the room temperature. You can see clearly from the plant whether it needs water. The soil should not be completely dry, but must remain moist (brown colour). If the plant is too wet, the soil will be black. The ideal temperature for the water is room temperature. Anthurium is a tropical plant and likes to be sprayed from time to time.

Old leaves and flowers

Anthurium produces fresh flowers and leaves. The old leaves and flowers discolour after a while. Simply remove yellowed leaves and wilted flowers.

If the plant’s leaves are shiny and it is producing new flowers, you can conclude that the plant is in suitable conditions. The care determines the lifespan and decorative value of the plant. You will enjoy an Anthurium plant for a long time; the fact is that the flowers have a very long lifespan.

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