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Small the next BIG thing

Small pot pizes


We are witnessing a worldwide shift from larger to smaller pot sizes. After strong growth in the 9 cm pot segment in recent years, the pot sizes of 6 cm and 7 cm are now also gaining popularity. This also applies to Orchids and Anthuriums. 

There are multiple reasons for this. Smaller pot sizes are more suitable for new and alternative positions in the house than the usual 12 cm pot. For example, the kitchen window, side table or home office. There is also a trend in the housing market: we are living in smaller homes. 

In addition, thanks to better varieties and better cultivation in smaller pots, consumers get as much ornamental value for their money nowadays as they did 10 years ago with a larger pot.   




Phalaenopsis varieties

With Phalaenopsis varieties such as Anthura Puebla, Anthura Salta, Anthura Bogota, Anthura Caracas, Anthura La Paz, Anthura Linz, Anthura Machu Picchu, Anthura Bern and Anthura Zurich, there is now a nice basic assortment for the 6 cm and 7 cm pots.


Anthurium varieties

For Anthurium, varieties like Lilli®, Zizou®, Spirit®. Cirano®, Mystral®, Vanilla®, Eclyps®, are examples of varieties that are particularly suitable for small pot sizes. This year, the Micra® variety will be added.

Choice of pot sizes


Every year, this basic range will be extended with new varieties and colours; breeding at Anthura is running at full speed! People often ask about the difference between the 6 cm and 7 cm pot sizes. This is largely determined by the sales channel. Retail often chooses the 6 cm pot, as this is a standard and popular pot size within this sales channel.  

Florists and wholesalers tend to opt for the slightly larger 7 cm pot size: the larger volume allows more moisture to be delivered to this trade channel. The colour spectrum allows for a little more choice, because varieties with a slightly larger flower size can also be selected.